About Ucatch

The value of trust is incalculable.

The price tag on “trust” is “incalculable.”

A financial professional can have much professional experience and multiple certificates, and yet his/her irreplaceable value will always depend on trust.

Just like how the financial industry operates, it is important that recruitment is based on trust. Ucatch provides financial recruitment services, and each vacancy is entrusted and all the talents it recommends connect with one another because of this trust.

Ucatch believes that every talent can create incalculable value because of trust.

About Ucatch Consultant Team

The members of Ucatch consultant team mostly come from the financial industry. They all have strong connections with people working in asset management, investment banks, private banks, commercial banks, and consumer finance. The consultants are also equipped with many years of experience in financial institutions, so they can communicate smoothly with client companies and fully understand clients’ needs, providing a bridge between client companies and talented professionals.

Founder/Managing Director
Gary Cheng

“Our services start with people’s needs”

Gary Cheng comes from the financial industry and once served as a high-level manager at several financial institutions. Based on his own work experience, he deeply understands the requirements when it comes to hiring financial professionals. He also knows the details job seekers care about. Connecting “talent seeking” and “job seeking” in the financial industry, Cheng’s most important mission is to create sustainable values for client companies and find career paths that lead to happiness for job seekers.

Work Experience

  • Vice President, Head of Direct Sales, Manulife Asset Management
  • Executive Director, Desk Head, UBS Taipei
  • Vice President, Head of Priority Client Acquisition and Dunbei Branch Manager,Standard Chartered Bank Private Banker, Vice President, BNP Paribas, Hong Kong Branch
  • Senior FC, Associate Vice President, Citibank

Business Philosophies of Ucatch


Fully protecting the privacy of client companies and job seekers when making quality recommendations


Understanding the needs of client companies and job seekers.


Striving to create common values for client companies and job seekers.

Social Contribution

Contributing to society with professional services and discover people’s potential


Establishing a sound structure to provide sustainable services


Increasing happiness for every workplace and every job seeker

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