Ucatch knows the requirements for financial professionals!

Discovering talents and providing best-fit jobs

Latest Job Opportunities

Ucatch provides a wide variety of job opportunities in the financial sector, including part-time/full-time positions,

mid and high-level management jobs, and other professional roles.

Why Ucatch?

Ucatch helps you find the right person.

Connections in the Financial Industry

Ucatch has established a great number of connections in the financial industry so that we can reach more talent. We not only interview professionals from different fields, but also maintain good relationships with them based on mutual trust.

A Team of Experienced Consultants from the Financial Industry

Ucatch is committed to the recruitment of financial professionals. The consultants are mostly equipped with work experience in the financial industry and are familiar with the industry and its unique requirements for professional roles. Furthermore, the consultants can communicate with clients efficiently and stay informed of companies’ manpower requirements.

Ensuring Privacy with Absolute Confidentiality

When undertaking each assignment, Ucatch adheres to the principle of confidentiality and never discloses information to unrelated parties. With a rigorous attitude, Ucatch strives to protect the interests of clients.

Proactive Communication

The things clients care about are the things we care about. Ucatch consultants always keep smooth and regular contact with clients and respond hastily to their needs.

Satisfying Client Needs with Flexibility

Ucatch provides flexible services such as recruiting project-based or short-term manpower. We realize that one process cannot fit all needs, so we expand our services outside traditional practices. We will do our best to satisfy all your needs.

Provide Diverse Information on the Job Market

Ucatch not only provides recruitment services, but also offers information on the trends in financial professionals recruitment and wages, assisting companies in making the most precise decisions when hiring people.

Discovering talents and providing best-fit jobs. Ucatch knows the requirements for financial professionals !

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